Monday, January 14, 2013

Evangelicals and Giglio: Hey Kettle, You're Black

I’ve been planning/longing for a while now to get the blog going again... I think this may be the right time.

I wont say much about the Louie Giglio prayer debacle, because from what i understand, no one really knows for sure what went down. Did he drop out on his own, or was he asked to step down? From what I can tell, it was the former.

 But whatever, like I said, I’m not going to get into all that. However, Rachel Held Evans did.

But Lets say that the Obama administration did ask him to back out because they felt Giglio’s views and past comments on homosexuality mis-represented those of the current administration.

I actually feel for Mr. Giglio, for I too have been asked to step down from roles and positions i loved, due to views and opinions that differed from the administration in which I represented at the time... even though i never once voiced those views in sermons or teachings. I also have friends who have been asked to leave churches, and who no longer get invited to evangelical church’s due to the fact that their views do not perfectly line up.

So here is what I will say...


You do this sort of thing all the time. I don’t see too many diverse speakers standing behind your pulpits on Sundays. Instead, you have someone who affirms what you all already believe... someone who is a good representation of what you are all about... and thats fine. 

So why are you now upset with the Obama administration for doing the same thing you have always done. (Again, from all Ive seen, Giglio was the one who decided to step down)

Doesn’t feel so good being on the other end does it?

By the way, I am currently available for speaking engagements.


Anonymous said...

I hate any kind of whiner but I certainly don't think Giglio was one of them. He graciously either stepped down himself or bowed out. Other evangelicals might be making a fuss, but I think you are comparing apples to oranges. I know that Christians have a horrible history when it comes to communicating on the homosexuslity issue but I don't think the pot is calling the kettle black in this dpecific invidence.

When Giglio preached his sermon he was talking to his own church about his interpretation of Scripture. A pastor is not going to bring in an outside preacher to teach principles he doesn't think are Scriptural so your point about pastors not letting people with diverse opinions speak is invslid. Of course, a pastor is protective of his pulpit. he should be. Jay Baker is not going to bring a pastor in to speak to his congregation that rants and raves about homosexuals and how sinful they are and he shouldn't.

In the case of an inauguration, however, the whole of the inauguration should represent the different religions in our country including traditional Christianity. Giglio is not one of those preachers that rants and raves about homosexuality and acts like an idiot. He is not a hatemonger. He simply interprets Scripture the way that its been interpreted for thousands of years. Whether that interpretation is right or wrong is up for debate and I think that this "debate" can be done respectfully.

I personally think it's a shame that he doesn't get to pray. No matter who you get to pray up there, you can find some opinion of theirs which doesn't line up with everything that the President in office believes. But a President is not a pastor who has a right and even a duty to preach what he thinks is the truth. He is a leader whose inauguration should represent the country and people of the country as a whole.

darin said...

It was the uprising of the gay community that caused him to step down. He knew it wasn't worth it in light of them potentially distracting from the intent of the occasion. Competent Evangelicals "in the know" AREN'T upset at Obama administration because OBVIOUSLY Obama already knew he was asking an evangelical Christian.

I'm Jkub said...

I agree... Giglio has handled the situation with class, and I believe he made a good decision. I wasn't referring to him.

In fact, I don't know that I disagree with anything in the comment above. My intention wasn't to point out who was right or wrong or who asked who to step down. My point was simply that those who are making a fuss over the situation from evangelical community, are known fro doing the same thing within the church.

Joe McCutchen said...

Missed your blog - ready for it ...

Matt E said...

Dude, you've really got to shake this bitterness. It's a contributing factor to nearly everything I read of yours. Every line of thought is seen through the prism of your experience at SRBC, which is fine. Not taking up for anyone. Just looking out for you. Forgive, even as God, for Christ's sake, has forgiven you.

With love.

I'm Jkub said...

I write through the lenses of my experiences... It's my story... It's how I see things. Doesn't equate to un-forgiveness. Our Experiences shape who we are and how we see the world.