Thursday, January 17, 2013

Are We "Just Passing Through"?

I do not listen to much "Christian" music (Jars of Clay is one of the few exceptions), but we do have a Christian music station playing in our children's rooms at night. And every night I hear a song (usually 2 or 3 times for goodness sakes) which lyrics go something like this...

"Take this world and give me Jesus, this is not where I belong"

Which begs the question...

"Then where do you belong, Christian?"

If, as a Christ followers, we do not believe we belong in the world which God made and loves, took on human flesh to save, and then commissioned his followers to be the hands and feet of Christ to that same world... Then what on earth are we doing here?

I've heard many suggest that "we're just passing through". Did I miss that part in the Sermon on the Mount or something? The part where Jesus says, "yeh, this place sucks, just hang tight, gang and I'll get you out of here."

The whole "this world is not my home" mindset (aka escapism) is very destructive theology to say the least.

Not only does it insult the One who created this world in which we live, but it also creates the mind-set necessary for we, Christians, to do nothing but endure our time here until Jesus comes back and zaps us up to heaven (the place where, apparently, we actually belong).

But what if we found out that indeed, this place is our home... It is where you and I are suppose to be?

What if we read somewhere that God, through Jesus, is restoring all of creation... Everything... All of it?

What if there was some reason to think/hope that all things are being made new?

And what if we found out that you and I have been invited to participate with God in this "renewal of all things"?

Would we still have this same attitude? Would we still sit around watching and waiting for things to get worse in hopes that God might step in one day and finally "beam us up" and outa here?

Or would we start caring about THIS world, the here and now, rather than obsessing over what happens after this life?

Would we start taking care of God's creation, instead of exploiting it and longing to escape it?

Would we start seeing God in others, rather than labeling everyone we meet as "in or out" based on their political views, religion, orientation, social bracket, or nationality?

Would we accept the call to bring heaven to earth and resurrection to that which was once dead by participating, co-creating with God, in the restoration of all things?

Or are we really "JUST passing through"?

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Paul said...

Jake, You seem to be forgetting that most hymnals have been canonized by the traditional church. If its in a hymn....its gospel ;)