Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's All About Grace

This past Sunday I was invited to Grace Baptist Church to share my thoughts on Grace. The church is beginning a summer series dealing with the Emergent Church and I was honored to be asked to kick it off.

My family and I have been to Grace a few times and have loved every Bit of it. I've been privileged to get to know Dr. Gary West over the past year or so and was very excited when he emailed me to come speak.

I was simply asked to share my "faith journey" and I was given about 30 minutes to do so. That's a really long sermon for a liturgical church like Grace, but a mere solid introduction to a Southern Baptist, which is the denomination in which I grew up. So I did my best to hit the important parts.

Sunday was the first time I had ever talked about my past church experiences in front of a group of people, and to my surprise, I got a little emotional (I didn't see that coming). I think it was kinda therapeutic for me, to be able to openly share personal parts of my life with people who I didn't feel like we're secretly thinking... "yeh, I've read your blog, you deserved that."

Instead, I was met with nothing but...grace and acceptance. In fact, a number of people came to me afterwards to tell me that they had been through something similar. It's always good to hear someone... Anyone, say, "me too."

I plan (once again) to start posting more often and being a little more personal in my writing. I intend on sharing parts of that faith journey here and there as well, for I am realizing there are some out there that need to hear... "me too".

Check out Grace's website. There you will also find links to several good blogs, event calendars, and weekly announcements... As well as gathering times etc. For the summer series they meet at 10:00am.

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