Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"You're One of Those Universalist..."

The other day I was accused of being "one of those universalist who think people can do whatever they want and it's all good" (though I personally don't hold to that label, i am not at all offended by it).

And While I wouldn't necessarily say it that way... I don't completely deny the accusation. And I'll explain what i mean in the next post, because I do believe that grace always abounds over sin.

But first, here are a few beliefs I hold to which affect how I see everything else, and they may give a little insight into where I am coming from when I discuss forgiveness and repentance.

I believe the good news is actually good and is good news for all of creation, and not just a select few.

I believe that God is like Jesus. If we want to know what God is like we need to look at Jesus.

I believe that God can do whatever God wants and is not bound by anything.

I believe that sin has consequences, but I also believe in a God who will stop at nothing to find and bring home that which is lost.

I believe God is love and that love is not just another characteristic of God.

I believe that Grace is unmerited, and completely unmerited... for the very definition of grace says so.

I believe that grace is not fair.

I believe that God's justice is restorative and not retributive.

I believe in the restoration of all things and that all things are being made new.

I believe that nothing can separate us from the love of God.

I believe we are sinners because we sin, not "we sin because we are sinners".

I believe that God said his creation is good, and I believe God still feels this way.

I believe that God invites us and pursues us and doesn't coerce us or threaten us.

I believe that our repentance is a response to God's forgiveness, instead of God's forgiveness being a response to our repentance (which I will discuss this a little more in the next post).

What are some beliefs that you would say affect how you see everything? What say you?

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Gary West said...

It is always helpful for someone to come alongside us in their thinking. I self-identify as a "Baptist Unitarian Universalist" and while most will find that to be a complete oxymoron, for me it works. And it is not something that is flippant. It has deep, rich, and abiding meaning for me. If grace doesn't accept and catch us all, it's not grace. It's something else and we ought to start calling it something else, i.e. exclusive and shaped by right opinion.