Friday, April 6, 2012

Why Do We Call This Day "Good"?

It's "Good Friday". But why do we call this Friday "good"?

I love Fridays. I look forward to Friday almost every single week. I think for the most part every Friday should be called good... Except for this Friday.

I'm not sure why we refer to the death of Christ as "good".

I would suggest it has to do with the belief that Jesus had to die, blood had to be shed, in order for God to forgive humanity. In other words, Jesus was born to die. His bloody death was the sole purpose of his existence. Jesus took on, and satisfied all of God's wrath which was intended for us.

With this Penal Substitutionary theory of the atonement, the resurrection (not to mention the miracles) of Jesus becomes little more than a show, a spectacle put on by Jesus to prove his own divinity. Which doesn't make too much sense coming from a man who told his disciples not to tell anyone that he was the Christ.

The cross represents everything that's wrong with the world; suffering, death, forsakeness, and even the absence of God. The cross is not something we escape because Jesus took our place. The cross is something we go through, an event we experience... And we can endure it, because Jesus experienced first... and defeated it.

Friday means nothing without Sunday. And thank God for Sunday. For the resurrection of Jesus is the inauguration of the coming of the Kingdom of God... The restoration of all things, as Paul put it.

For its not until Jesus steps out of the tomb that we realize the cross isn't permanent.

Pain, suffering, and even death doesn't last forever...

And we can have hope that All things are indeed being made new.

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