Monday, March 26, 2012

Did God Heal Our Baby Girl?

I've been out of the loop lately, with a brand new baby and a brand new (very time consuming job), I haven't much time for reading (books or blogs), keeping up with current events, and writing. But I hope, that as the newness settles, that will all change.

I am going to Try my best to put out at least three posts a week (Mondays, Wednesday's, and Fridays). We shall see.

So what have I been up to the past few weeks?



And now this...

So yeh, things have been a little crazy lately.

My little girl was born Feb 10th. Delivery went great and we had a great first night. So great that early the next morning we were packed up and ready to go home. We were only waiting on our pediatrician to examine Rohen and give us the ok.

Just the opposite happened.

During her first examination, he witnessed, what appeared to be, a seizure. And so began one of the longest weeks of our lives.

We were moved to another hospital almost immediately where we spent the week practically in the waiting room or beside our baby girl who then had wires hooked to several different parts of her body.

Throughout the course of the week, we were, at one point or another, worried about anything from infections to syndromes. In other words, my wife and I were a mess.

I think I learned a lot about myself, as well as my wife that week. For one, my wife has way more faith than I do. While I am definitely the optimist in our relationship (everything is fine and there is nothing wrong with her to begin with) my wife is definitely more spiritual (something is wrong but God can/did heal her).

Whichever way one chooses to look at a situation like this, I was reminded of (at least) one thing after our stay in the NICU...

We are blessed.

All week we were surrounded by parents and their sick babies, babies who were in much more serious conditions than our little one. The mother beside of us shared how she had been in the NICU for 107 days. Though we had a long week, that did manage to put things in perspective.

Did God heal our little one that week?

Yes/maybe/I don't know.

I'll admit, it's hard for me to say that God somehow "intervened" and healed my baby while other babies/families weren't so "blessed".

I will also say this... I do believe that God was with us in that hospital. I believe that God experienced our hurt and shared our tears throughout the week (for there were many), just as i believe that God was and is with all the other families there in that hospital.

And I also believe God shared in our joy and excitement on February 18th as we drove our healthy, baby girl to her new home.

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Gary West said...

Our family experienced the NICU just over a year ago with our granddaughter. We had all of the same questions. The only thing that we could really say coming off of that experience after 8 weeks in the hospital was that God accompanied us.
Thanks for the post and for challenging us with that which is almost indescribable and mysterious.