Monday, January 9, 2012

But I Thought God Was The Good Guy?

Ive said it before, my daughter may make a great theologian one day. She is already learning to ask the tough questions. Questions that I wish I would have asked when I was younger. Questions that many adults are afraid to ask and are even discouraged from asking.

My wife wrote recently about a discussion she had with Eisley which stemmed from a story in her children's bible book. As my wife wrote about, Eisley is fascinated with the story of the woman who washed Jesus's feet. In that story, the onlooking religious leaders are described as people who were "angry enough to kill Jesus". Eisley relates this to the crucifixion story where, in her children's bible book mind you, it is said that "God turned His back on His Son while he was dying".

You could see how this (one of many) understandings of atonement, that many of us think not much about, could raise questions for a little girl who loves her daddy. A father turning His back on His Son who is dying on a cross. Eisley knows her daddy would never do such a thing, and so she has a hard time relating that god with "good".

So she asks, "But I thought God was the good guy?"

Because even a four year old little girl sees something wrong with the idea of a blood thirsty God killing His own Son in order to be able to forgive everyone else.

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