Friday, December 23, 2011

Keep The X in Xmas

A good friend of mine, Dr Gary West, is the pastor of Grace Church here tin Statesville. I love his church and I love his family and their heart for community, and his latest posts fits quite nicely with what I've been writing about all week.

Gary writes...

It all relates to the idea of "taking Christ out of Christmas." That statement seems to be a regular feature of every Christmas season. The idea is that when folk use the word Xmas, they are removing Christ and substituting the letter x which in turn makes the whole episode a secular enterprise. And, oh, do the alarm bells go off when that happens

A little background to that word and how it is used. The rendering (and it has been around for a long time) involves not the use of the letter x but the Greek letter X (in English, spelled chi and pronounced like "key") which looks like a capital x. This X is actually the first letter of the word transliterated as Christos, which, of course, means Christ or Messiah and has long been a symbol for that term...

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