Monday, December 19, 2011

Jesus And Santa Are Friends

It's been awhile since I've had the chance, or really even the desire to blog. Our schedule at home has been busy to say the least. However, somethings have changed and it looks as if I will finally have a little time to read and write again.

So why not start with a little ridiculous Christmas controversy. "Tis the season"... Right? I will go ahead and let you know that my family and I are big fans of Mr Santa Clause... I Always have been ever since he brought me my "Thundercats" lair which had trap doors and lasers that shot out of the eyes. Yeh, it was that awesome.

My kids are fans as well. They just payed Ole Saint Nick a visit this past weekend... My daughter sat on his lap and explained what she wanted for Christmas while Durgin politely turned down the opportunity with a simple, "no thank you" and settled for a simple high five instead.

Not only do we believe in Santa Clause in our house hold, we also do the unthinkable... We believe in Jesus too. Yep, we like Santa and we like Jesus. We do this little tradition where we celebrate and talk about Advent every Sunday night before bed. We light the candles, read the scriptures, and talk about the coming of the Lord in human flesh to save the world.

Then, after the kids are in bed, I look for a place to hide "Nat". Nat is our "Elf on the Shelf" who sits somewhere in our house during the day and then flies back to the North Pole at night to give Santa a full report on whether or not the kids were naughty or nice that day. We all like Nat.

So yes, Santa is a big part of Christmas for us... In some ways, He helps us celebrate the coming of God... because, like most things, Christmas doesn't have to be an "either/or" it can indeed be a "both/and".

Now, It's completely fine with me if you want to deprive your kids (along with all the other kids your kid is going to ruin it for) of believing in the jolly fat man, but the reasons I often hear for obolishing santa are odd to me.

Like worrying that your kids won't believe in Jesus if they grew up believing in Santa. I've never met one atheist who didn't believe in God because they believed in Santa as a child.

Or maybe you are wondering if I am ok lying to my children?

Of course I am. I lie to my children all the time. Every time my kids and I run a race for instance, I usually let them win. That's a lie and I am fine with them believing they are faster than me. Or when I am chasing Eisley around the house all the while saying, "I can't catch you. .. You're too fast". That is also a lie for I could catch her at any minute I choose.

Or maybe when we went to Disney last year and I failed to explain to my children that it wasn't really Mickey Mouse they met, but rather someone dressed in an oversized Mouse costume.

My parents also lied to me when I was a child... and I am grateful for that... And I didn't have trust issues when I found out that Santa wasn't real... And celebrating The incarnation of Christ was much more fun for us.

So even though you could pull a Glen Beck and rearrange the letters in his name to spell "Satan" and thus, proving their cohorts, i don't think Santa is a threat to Jesus... Jesus is a little bigger than that. Instead, I'd rather think of them as friends working together to bring joy to the world and a little fun to the holiday season.

So for God's sakes (as well as our children's), let's keep Santa in Christmas.


GailNHB said...

Well done, Jacob. Thanks for bringing some humor back into this whole debate as well.

And, boy oh boy, are you right about how often we lie to our kids - and to each other and ourselves, for that matter!!!

Merry Christmas and have fun hiding the Elf.

JustinGaynor said...

Our kids have been de-santa claused by folks at our church...their kids actually (as you described). I was upset at first, but it gave me an opportunity to teach my kids about Resurrection. So it challenged my faith and God worked it out for the good as usual.

I try not to lie to my kids...this was not an area I struggled with as regards Santa...St. Nicholas (Sebastian's middle name to go with St. Sebastian) is real, and he's living, because God is not a God of the dead. He did what he did because he loved our Father and allowed Jesus to live His life in and through him. Though I'm sure he wasn't perfect, he was faithful over a little, now look what God has given him! This doesn't detract from Jesus, rather exalts him by showing his promises are true thus glorifying his name. Paul even asks believers to make room in their hearts for him, this doesn't displace Jesus, but builds the Kingdom. That's the story and I'm sticking to it. So, right on Jacob, let's make room in our hearts for Santa, he points kids to Jesus...even big kids like me!

Would be nice to have more Saint's to look up to like Nicholas these days, rather we have accusers like Beck. It's sad...all the more reason for us to seek the Kingdom more faithfully if you ask me...

aPearantly sew said...

I didn't grow up believing in Santa, so now that I have kids of my own, I really could have gone either way on this. Scott insisted we do the whole Santa thing. I have to say, I was a bit skeptical until this year when we were decorating our Christmas tree. Jack kept saying, "Santa is gonna love this!", and suddenly it was totally worth it that we are lying to our kids and setting them up for future disappointment.