Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fighting The War On Christmas

Ive been writing about Christmas all week and the controversies surrounding the holiday. So, In keeping with the Christmas theme... I find it quite odd that many Christians are hard core on the point that's it's not the governments job to help the needy/poor, but rather it's the church's job. AKA, "I don't want to the government telling me what to do with my money or who to give it to." I can understand that.

However, when it comes to Christmas, it's all the sudden the governments job to keep Christ in the "Christian" holiday... Or at least keep the C.H.R.I.S.T before the "mas".

I don't want to get into a debate on what role the government should play when it comes to the poor... or Christmas for that matter (maybe another time and place), I just often wonder why every year people get so bent out of shape over this so called "war" as if Christians are being persecuted in this country or something. We are not. For We have political leaders who are allowed to, and who often do, use Jesus as an add campaign to get elected and we have football players who kneel and pray on national television any time they win a game or make a good play or score a touch down or lose a game or throw an interception or get sacked or... Well you get the point! And none of them have been arrested, beaten, or executed for doing so. (Though some have been picked on)

But every year, it seems Christians get more upset about the "war on Christmas". Christians raise more of a fuss over Christmas then they do real wars going on in the world. You know, where people are being killed and all.

Why is that?

It's pretty easy to raise a stink about what phrase the local Wal-Mart greeters throw at you during the holidays, but to live out the teachings of Christ during the holidays and resemble Christ to everyone around us... Well, that's much harder. Becoming a soldier for the "war on Christmas" makes us feel like we are doing something, mainly fighting a battle for Jesus, but maybe it's just enough to keep us satisfied and feeling good about ourselves while we are really sitting on the side lines.

I think if folks are really wanting to "keep Christ in Christmas" then that's exactly what needs to happen. Christians taking on the teachings of Christ, Or the church actually becoming Christ in the flesh ( aka: incarnation, which is why Christians supposedly celebrate Christmas to begin with), loving everyone else around them, whether they celebrate the holidays the same way we do or not.

But that would call us to action, specifically to love our neighbors, our enemies, as well as those of other religions and religious holidays... instead of merely formulating harsh words, responses, Facebook comments, or nasty emails. And that's more than many are willing to commit to.


Ethan Drum said...

I thouroughly enjoyed your blog today. I only wish that many in the local church understood this. In agreeance with you, I feel that while at Christmas time we think we are obeying the first comandment perfectley. Defending "Christmas" but we forget the second commandment almost to often. Be encouraged this morning, this was a great blog!

JustinGaynor said...

As my good friend pastor Steve recently said...'Jesus is the reason for every season' is a war though, a war that can only be one if we fight it the Way...He did.

The problem is that for the most part we live in Athens, not Corinth or Ephesus (It was John who eventually took Artemis/Diana down). Paul had, arguably, his most eloquent and profound Gospel presentation in Athens, and got his butt handed to him for the most part. It takes relationship building and razor sharp swords and boldness to cut through the junk and make that circumcision of the heart (as Rollins said at WGF, before most people are even ready for an altar call) in the midst of our time. We need to learn from Paul and do as he did, certainly more, definitely not less. Good stuff Jacob, how's school going?