Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You Remind Me of God

As I was spending time with my little girl the other day, having our snack out on the front porch, she, out of the blue, asks me in a very sincere voice, "Daddy, do you know what God looks like?"

She usually has great questions. I am always scared to read her "children's Bible book" to her because she usually asks the tough questions that most adults seem to ignore, especially when it comes to stories such as the Flood or the Exodus stories. You know, questions like, "Why is Pharaoh holding his (dead) baby and crying?" oh, that's because God killed his first born child because he disobeyed... But don't worry, God loves you." yikes.

So do I know what God looks like? My answer was, " No, but you remind me of God". I thought that was a great answer, but I don't think it really cleared things up for her.

However, that's pretty much where I am at when it comes to God, I just don't know most of the time, but I am reminded of God and experience God in others, especially my kids and my wife, that's where I see/experience God. Because that's what God is, an experience. God is something I experience and participated in. I experience God in my interactions and loving other people. I experience God in other people loving me back.

All the other stuff I am still figuring out, and I am good with that.

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Mindy said...

Thanks, Jacob. This was really helpful for me to read today. I'm grateful that you're sharing your journey... please keep doing so!