Monday, October 3, 2011

Would God Understand?

We often talk about Gods grace as being bigger than anything one could imagine, it covers all wrong deeds, and of course it is free (although there seems to be different interpretations of what that word "free" means).

But does grace cover wrong/dis-belief? We often act as if it doesn't. It seems that in many circles, "right belief" is all that matters.

In a recent interview in Relevant Magazine, Ben Gibbard, of Death Cab For Cutie, says this when asked about his faith...

“[Faith’s] something I always find myself meditating on,” he admits. “I don’t want to falsely believe in something solely so I can jump to the front of the line for whatever this awesome place is [where] we go after we die. I kind of feel like if there was a God, [He] would appreciate the fact that I just don’t know. The vastness of that idea is so beyond my comprehension that I feel like if there was a God, then that God would accept me saying I’m not able to believe because it’s so outside of my ability to understand it. I understand that’s where faith comes into play.

What do you think, would God understand?


paul said...

If God created us to have fellowship with Him then why would He render anyone without the ability to comprehend Him? In other words, It makes no sense for God to create us to commune with Him, but then make us unable to do so. If someone seeks to comprehend, they will find comprehension.

I do not believe God understands the heart that wont search. He created it to search. Can we comprehend everything? No. Can we comprehend a relationship with the Creator of the universe? Yes.

Everyone at some childlike level has that ability.

God does not understand the heart that is so blinded by self that it does not take the time to search for something greater. (The rich young ruler comes to mind)

I think Ben, and all of us can comprehend. He like all of us must continue the search. Knocking and seeking lead to comprehension. God expects us to do both.

JustinGaynor said...

I don't know about talking about the 'size' of God's grace, I do now that God's grace is sufficient, amazingly so...and when Paul is told that it is in the face of his praying about a thorn in his side. I would also say that the sidelining of repentance and denying that it is the purpose of his grace takes things in a direction that is altogether contrary to His purpose. To say that because God has a purpose, which is for the good of those who love him and are called according to that purpose, in some way makes his grace to those who would enter into it sub-par is like advising the wicked servant to tell the judge to take his full pardon and shove it, if he can't walk out the courtroom and do whatever he wants with those who owe him. The offer of the covenant is free, the covenant is entered into freely by two parties. It is then a covenant to be upheld by both parties an abuse of the covenant, either by marital unfaithfulness or abandonment, is cause for divorce according to the scriptures. I'm sure when you and Mel got married, I'm sure it wasn't with the pretext that either of you could just disappear whenever you wanted and jump in the sack with whomever, your marriage would be a wreck, I don't care how open minded you are, there would be deep wounds for all involved (now bring kids into the
fold) and that would be completely counter to everything that getting married is purposed to do. Now you may say that if you love one another that would never happen...and I would agree, so what value is there in the argument that if we did want to go down that road everything would be ok in the end? Seems like controversy for the sake of controversy. Now does grace cover wrong belief, as in doctine, praise God! Or we'd all be up the creek. Is right belief all that matters? Well, certainly love,faithfulness and hope are primary and in the end these are all that is really left...but as we journey in and towards that place where righteousness is really beyond contention that justice,mercy and ,again, faithfulness is of paramount importance. this is why all doctrine is fed from the word to love the Lord our God with everything that we are and to love our neighbors as ourselves. We need to have practical wisdom to do that. That is what true doctrine should be. For instance...I better go get dinner ready for my family and get off this tirade! LOL...Love you bro!

ps In response to Ben I would say that he appears to be confusing belief with don't have to understand in order to believe, you believe in order to understand...and just like in our marriages the more faithfulness, love and hope we invest in that other person the closer we get and the more we 'know' one another.