Saturday, October 8, 2011

To Believe is Human To Doubt, Divine

Here is the link to a short Introduction video to Pete's new book, "Insurrection: To Believe is Human To Doubt, Divine".

I am almost finished with the book and it is great, some of Pete's best work, and I look forward to writing a review in the near future. So go check it out and while you are there purchase a copy or two.


Mindy said...

Sandy & I just started reading it this morning. We haven't had a book catch us up over coffee since we finished Rohr's Things Hidden a year ago. We are thinking this will be it!

Jkub said...


First of all, thanks for reading and commenting on the blog... I am having trouble finding the time to keep up with things the way I want to, but i have been reading your writing and I am so glad you've started posting. Good stuff.

We need to all get together soon. Maybe me and mel could make a trip to chapel hill sometime in the near future. Who knows. Hope you ladies are doing well.