Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oops, My Bad... But God Still HATES You

Somehow i posted the wrong video yesterday of Mark Driscoll telling his congregation that God hates some of them. My Bad.

well, here is the one i meant to post... The hate of God comes in around minute 4:42.

and before you accuse me of taking this clip and using it out of context...

1. you need to address Mars Hill for that, for they are the ones who posted this clip on their Youtube sight. So be sure to check out the other parts of the sermon. (i just feel like i have to say that)

2. Plus, Ive seen the other parts of the sermon, and it doesnt change anything. God still hates some of you, and is sick of you. But, thanks to Jesus (being hated by God some 2,000 years ago in some of your places) God doesnt have to hate all of you, just some of you. So that is really good news for you "chosen few".

3. Since I dont agree with Pastor Mark... God probably hates me too.

4. Apparently the meaning of words are not important when studying scripture. So dont do word studies. Word studies are for Christians on the run... but on an unrelated note... "did you know that the Wrath of God is mentioned in the Bible with 20 some words, Old and New testament combined, over 600 times." :)


melissa said...

Wow. I'm floored.
So god made me...and hates me. That makes no sense. I just listened for 7.5 minutes about how I am nothing to be loved. That does wonders for a persons insecurities. I just can't agree with his presentation in any way and I wouldn't want anyone that I know to be exposed to this mentality.

Jack Sutherland said...

I knew a father once who hated his son's friends so badly, that every time they came over to his house he desperately wanted to just beat them the living crap out of them. But thankfully he didn't. Instead he got over his anger by beating his own son as brutally as he could, to the full extent of his wrath.

The Good News according to Mark Driscoll folks!

James said...

Not a Calvinist or a Mark Driscoll fan-boy... but you got some things wrong. I know a lot about Driscoll, and I have watched the whole sermon.

One, Driscoll is not a five point Calvinist and does not believe that Jesus only "absorbed the wrath of the Father" for some of us. He believes that Jesus took on the sins of the world, the entire world. That is why the Westboro Baptist Church picketed his Church in June.

You can't read Calvinism into everything that Mark Driscoll preaches... because he rarely preaches Calvinism, and many Calvinists don't like it. I think he said once "Preach like an Arminian, and sleep like a Calvinist."

Anyway... the fact is, both the Old Testament show where God speaks of hating individuals(much moreso the Old Testament.) You are not obligated to believe it, but if you study it out it's pretty plain... but also, the Bible is explicitly clear that God loves everyone. All sinners... so, the two can not be presented as mutually exclusive. I personally have been wrestling with these issues for about two years because I confronted the Westboro Baptist Church and found that they do indeed have Scriptures to back up what they say. And I have been developing a Theology about what the Bible says, and I was at least glad to hear Mark Driscoll be honest about what's in the Bible... the way he did it, that's another topic. I also don't know if I agree with his conclusion... my best guess is, when Westboro Baptist Church picketed Mars Hill in June, he probably did a little research into them and realized "hey, the Bible does speak of God hating individuals." And then he probably started to research those Scriptures and developed a theory to preach on. He probably should have spent longer working on it... but I don't know what to think. I know that it won't go over with most people because of the way it was said. But that in itself doesn't mean it isn't right.

I personally am still working on this... nobody has to worry about God hating His Children, because the Bible says that we are by nature Children of wrath, but become His children when we accept Christ and are "adopted." I'm not a Calvinist like I said, but Driscoll isn't much of a Calvinist in 90% of what he preaches either. And he's been adamantly clear that he's not a 5 pointer. He made up his own theory on that... but it does involve Jesus's death being for all sinners.

Personally I'm an Open Theist... so I'm VERY different from Driscoll. But, he does tell it like he sees it in my opinion. I listen to a lot of extremes though, from both sides. And I just look at what they are saying and hold it up to the Bible. Anyway.. best of luck to you, just kind of came across your blog.