Friday, October 7, 2011

My Problem With Living Simple (Thanks To Steve Jobs)

I was saddened to hear about the passing of Steve Jobs this week... He was a brilliant man and he has impacted the world beyond measure. He has also presented me with a bit of a "problem".

Currently, my wife and I are trying to simplify our life a bit. Yep, we are trying to live simple, get rid of stuff we don't need, and be more aware of how we spend our money.

Neither my wife nor I, really get that caught up with "stuff" or possessions. Yes, we have a lot, more than we ever could need, and that is one reason we are "simplifying". Neither of us get too caught up in buying things. If anything, our biggest hindrance is eating out and that is mostly due to our busy schedules and convenience, and even that has improved significantly. I am usually pretty content with a t-shirt (for all of mine look a like anyway) and a pair or two of pants.

That being said, there is (at least) one thing I have trouble giving up and doing without.

Technology. Specifically my iPhone and iPad (which I am currently using to write this post).

If were asked the question about what I would get out of my house if it was on fire, my answer would be my iPhone and iPad (this only pertains to non-living things of course). I love them.

Again, I am fine doing without a lot of things, but I have a hard time when i get a notification making me aware that I can Pre-order the new iPhone 4s starting this TODAY! I will not lie. I want it. And i want it as soon as possible. And I want the 64g, not the measly 32g. (actually, I would be willing to settle for the 32g).

I thought I was getting a little better, for I still have the original iPad (64g of course). And yes, Of course I want the iPad 2, and I had planned on getting it but never did. I was just beginning to be proud of myself for holding back when I saw the first ad for the iPhone 4s and all those feelings came rushing back to me (I mean, I want to be able to audibly tell my phone to do certain tasks and it listen to me and know what I mean).

I told my wife (for she knows how i struggle) about the new iPhone and how I didn't even want it, but i was lying and she saw straight through me.

I am Currently trying to convince her that we should honor Mr. Jobs by purchasing the new iPhone this Friday. I think that is what he would have wanted.

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Mindy said...

LOL! We too strive to live simply.

Technology is not really our issue (I'm no luddite but I've never had a smart phone, and I only got an iPod 2 years ago!); nor is eating out (Sandy's way too good a cook, and she's got the time and the motivation for which we are both grateful!).

I'd say our potential loose budget spots are books and movies and small trips away. And our kid of course!