Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vacation Day 7: What Matters More? (warning: explicit)

(For the next TWO WEEKS I'll be enjoying vacation with my family, so I will not be posting anything new here on the blog.

Instead I am going to re-post the top 10, most viewed blogs from the past.

Hope you (re)enjoy them, and maybe some new discussions will emerge

Original Post: 10/11/10

I thought this was an appropriate follow up to yesterdays post on "Verbal" Voilence.

This is a controversial song by one of my favorite artist, Derek Webb. Its controversial because of its content and because a certain word that begins with an "S" is present in the song.

The song calls into question our priorities and how Christians get caught up in arguing over things that do not matter all the while people are dying.

Well of course Christians were outraged and offended that the song said "shit"or for those easily offended "sh*t". Nevermind the song also said that 50,000 people are dying today, that doesnt seem to offend anyone. Does anyone see the problem with this?

We are so quik to be offended of a mere four letter word and more worried about who people are in love with than the fact that thousands of people are starving to death, killing themselves, and being killed all over the world. Maybe its time to ckeck our priorities and focus on what Jesus calls the "more important matters, Faithfulness, Mercy, and Justice." (Yes, social Justice)

Enjoy the video by Derek Webb "What Matters More"

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