Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vacation Day 4: Why Is The Rapture Not Considered Heretical?

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Original Post: 5/24/11

How is the doctrine of the Rapture not considered heresy?

There, I said it. I have honestly been thinking about how to ask this question without coming off as offensive or sound like I am calling people the "H" word which has been applied to me as well as has often been applied to some of my friends. I want to make that it is clear I am not trying to label anyone, anything.

One of the main arguments I hear about "heretical" doctrines is that the majority of the historical church did not hold to such beliefs and therefore, they are rendered unorthodox and heretical.

However, the Rapture seems to only date back to around the 18th century as far as I can tell (made popular by John Nelson Darby), and is not even held by most Christians in the world today, and yet it has become, in some camps, crucial and even a non-negotiable doctrine.

Seems to me the scriptures are clear about God coming to dwell with God's people, not God's people going to dwell with God.

What are your thoughts? Would love to see a real discussion around this topic.

i Would love to hear from both sides on this.

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davetonn said...

I don't necessarily believe its heresy. I believe its a ridiculous belief, but not heresy.

I believe heresy is a false belief that would keep someone from knowing God. However, despite the Rapture doctrine being false, plenty of amazing people would still be called Christians by the essentials of the faith if they believe it... My definition of heresy may be off, however, it makes sense to me.

However, I do believe that it has a disgusting side to it. One of the most famous verses in Daniel 9 quotes "the people of the prince who is to come" is held by Rapture believing folks to reference the AntiChrist...Instead, most non rapture believing people feel this is 100% a reference to Christ himself.

So it saddens me, that a reference of the coming Christ is distorted to mean the Antichrist..

So yes, that bothers me!