Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Historical Adam and Eve Debate!

In his recent blog, Al Mohler writes...

Each generation of Christians faces its own set of theological challenges. For this generation of Evangelicals, the question of beginnings is taking on a new urgency. In fact, this question is now a matter of Gospel urgency. How are we to understand the Bible’s story, if we can have no confidence that we know how it even begins?

I plan (if I can find the time) to write a little about the issue, it's fresh on my mind after having just finished an (anti)science class at Liberty University (you read that right) which dealt with human origins. Adam and Eve, as well as that talking snake, were all big topics of course and there were a few good discussions among my class mates and I.

So what are your thoughts? Does the whole gospel, and legitimacy of Jesus, depend on whether or not the earth was created in six literal days, or that Adam and Eve really existed as the only two people on earth around 6-10 thousand years ago?

I look forward to the conversation.


Let me just say this... Faith doesn't mean you have to ignore science.

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michael j. kimpan said...

i co-lead the college group at my local church, and we're going through the book of genesis this fall semester. my ministry partner, dan crumrine, blogs about an important realization regarding the genre of the first eleven chapters of genesis that (in my opinion) ought to inform us of how to handle the 'debate.' read his post here :