Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hell Sells (and Rob Bell as well)

It seems the thing to do right now, thanks to Rob Bell, is to write a book on hell.

Yep, Hell sells. Everyone knows that now. It's what (most) people seem to want to read about and probably why if I put the word "Hell" in a blog title I know I'll get more reads than usual. And If I put both "Rob Bell" and "Hell" in a title (get it), then I am guaranteed to get some reads on the blog, and I would assume it would also be a good way to sell a book. ;)

And more and more authors seem to be lining up to take their crack at selling out in order to defend hell.

I don't mean to speculate too much on other people's intentions, but are these books being written because there really is a need to defend hell? Or are The authors cashing in on the opportunity to sell a book while the topic is hot? (I know, I know).

Have there not been enough videos, blogs, and seminars put out there now to get the point across that some Christians need to believe in hell in order to follow Jesus,that belief in hell is essential to being a True Christian, and that Grace is so much more amazing when a bunch of other people don't get it?

Let's face it. Way more people turn away from God because of hell than they do if told hell doesn't exist. I have never heard anyone say, "I just can't believe in a God that would love everybody for eternity."

And if you do stop following Jesus because you find out hell doesn't exist, then you probably didn't love Jesus that much to begin with. Instead, you love the idea of escaping eternal conscious torment by an "All Loving", "merciful" God, and Jesus is merely the mechanism you have to go through to get a free pass.

Kind of selfish if you ask me, and pretty anti-Jesus. Jesus was all about sacrificial love, he was not handing out tickets to eternal, self preservation.

That's not to say that anyone and everyone who believes in an eternal conscious hell is guilty of all of the above. I know that not to be the case. But when Hell becomes the selling point for you, whether to sell books or to follow Jesus, then I think the point has been missed entirely.

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emergingjim said...

You've never heard anyone say, "I just can't believe in a God that would love everybody for eternity."? I have heard it several times. Of course, all of those were by conservative Christians who are expressing their displeasure that 'evil' people will not be tortured forever in eternal flames.