Thursday, June 23, 2011

God Is Already Here

The other day I wrote about my new found love for gardening and how it heightens my awareness of God. It doesn't cause God to show up, but rather somehow reveals God to me.

Which reminds me of Jesus. Many times Jesus is thought of as someone who brought something or "created" something, a something that wasnt here until he came. However, I don't See Jesus in this way. I see Jesus revealing something that was already here, and has always been here.

One can sense this in his proclamation of the good news, "Repent (rethink), The Kingdom of God is available after you die at hand." Jesus' version of the gospel is that the Way of God is already present, it's happening, and there is more to come.

In other words, "You don't have to live in the destructive way you are living, there is a better way and it is available here and now. It's already true and present, just open your eyes and realize it."

Notice throughout the gospels, Jesus heals many people who were physically blind. People who could not see until meeting Jesus, the they could see clearly. This is what Jesus did, he didn't create new eyes or new scenery, but rather opened people's eyes to what was already there.

Jesus came to reveal, not create. He came to proclaim the truths of God, the truths that have been true, are true, and always will be true. Jesus didn't bring God, or even make a way for God to be here, as if God wasn't present before Jesus. No, God is here and always has been, and Jesus came to show us.

It's not a question of when God will show up, but rather, when will we realize God is already here.

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