Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Thank You To The Victor Minstry

As mentioned last week, I participated in a discussion at The Victor Ministry

this past Monday night, and it turned out to be a great time and consisted of great conversation.

The topic was Soteriology and Chip and I both presented our (different) understandings of salvation, grace, forgiveness, etc in order to get the conversation rolling and then we turned it over to those in attendance for a time of question and response.

I want to thank the Victor for providing a space where such a conversation could take place. It's not often you can find a place that is ok with speaking publicly on a topic such as salvation where different opinions and theological interpretations are welcomed and even honored.

Where Chip (and most in attendance) and I disagree is mostly in our understandings of how one receives grace (as well as further implicationsof salvation) where Chip would argue it's something one doesn't have until one accepts it through faith (faith being the condition), I argue one has always had it, is awakened to it, and by faith, believes it is actually true. In other words, you have been reconciled, now live as if you have been reconciled.

The discussion and conversation covered such topics as how we live now, Christian responsibility in social justice work, and of course our eschatology.

The conversation consisted of different personal experiences, different views on election and eternity, as well as many great questions regarding our positions on the gospel. Again, all the comments, questions, and even what you could call rebuttals were all civil and very sincere and I appreciate that.

The whole night was intended to be geared toward the idea that Christians from all different points of views and theological understandings can indeed come together as the body of Christ, share in communion, and even civilly disagree with one another. I think that point was made abundantly clear and was demonstrated quite nicely. At the end of the night Christ was what we all had in common, and that was and is enough.

I had a great time and I hope that Chip and The Victor Ministry will be up for doing it all again one day soon.

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