Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Question and Response At The Victor Ministry

On May 23rd, I'll be participating in somewhat of a discussion held at The Victor Ministry located in downtown Statesville. The Victor is headed up by my good friend Chip Harbin, who began the ministry several years ago with a friend of his who suddenly disappeared and hasn't been heard of since. ;)

Chip and I see things differently when it comes to matters of faith and we disagree on many issues, and Chip is most of the time wrong, but we are still good friends and we can engage in conversations and learn from each other... Mostly him learning from me.

We think this kind of civil and friendly dialogue is important and even crucial, and yet it sometimes seems as though it is hard to find for we are often encouraged to stick to our own tribe, our own faith communities, our own denominations.

So on Monday the 23rd of May, 7:00pm, Chip and I will be discussing our views on "salvation", a topic which can be very broad (so who knows where we will end up;)...(get it) and does contain many significant implications on how we view other topics and issues.

The plan is for Chip to give a quick talk about what he thinks (this would be a good time for you to check emails, read a book, or whatever else you would like to do) and then it will be my turn to share.

After that, the remaining time will be devoted to question and response. It will be your chance to ask Chip where in the world he comes up with whatever it was he was talking about.

It should be a fun night. This is not a debate, it's an opportunity for us to illustrate, through conversation, the possibility of unity among diverse beliefs and that at the end of the day we actually have all things in common through Christ.

So we hope you will join the conversation.

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