Friday, May 27, 2011

My Review of Francis Chan's Book "Erasing Hell"

I am kidding of course, for it would be ridiculous for me to write about, discuss, bash, or label an author or a book that I haven't read. It would be silly for me to write about an author i have only heard a little bit about, but havent watched or read any of his previous work.

That would be crazy, right?

I will say however, that as far as the promo video goes it looks as if Chan has a few advantages over Rob Bell.

1. He is holding a Bible - This is important. At least we know that whatever Chan is going to say, its from the word... unlike some other people.

2. His Bible is one of those thin ones - This allows the Bible to hold up when being hit over and over to get a point across as Chan demonstrates. It also allows you to bend and twist it however you want.

3. Chan doesn't suggest in his video that God loves any famous Hindu's or anyone from another religion for that matter - This sits well with most other Christians.

4. Chan quotes scripture - Though he used the secluded text found in Isaiah in the complete opposite context of the chapter(55) in which it is found, he still quoted scripture and he did it very passionately. He gets points for that. Bell only used art.

5. Chan seems to have shot his video in Heaven - This definitely gives him credibility. Looks prettier than an alley in Michigan.

The book is scheduled to release July 5th. Looks like the discussion on hell continues.


Andrew said...

Heh! That is excellent!

J N said...

Haha, taking the higher ground i see. #cough #justintaylor