Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Reject god

What does it mean to reject God or to reject Jesus?

These types of phrases are offered up all the time, usually referring to situations where someone has been evangelized, but chose to ignore it or flat out wanted nothing to do with what was presented.

But is that really rejecting God, or is that rejecting some sort of conceptual projection of God.

What if the "evangelist" did a horrible job of portraying God? What if he/she was wrong in their presentation? I think we can all agree that each od us get God wrong every-once in awhile.

If there is one thing that the scriptures make clear it is that God is not clear. God can not be nailed down, figured out, boxed in, or defined. Once we put some sort of image to God, then its not God we are dealing with but rather a conceptual idol we have made of God. One of the best descriptions of God comes from God when She says to Moses, "I am that I am".

Doesn't really clear things up does it?

I have rejected and still do reject many versions and concepts of God.

When speaking with people who want nothing to do with God I usually find out that I want nothing to do with "that" god either.

And there doesn't seem to be too many instances in the scriptures where people have some sort of direct experience with God and choose to reject him, and I am not referring to disobedience, we are all disobedient, but this doesn't mean we fully reject God.

When Paul heard a loud voice from the sky as he was being blinded by a light... What's he going to do, say "no, I still don't believe in you, Jesus!"?

Is there not a big difference in someone wanting nothing to do with a particular concept of God which they have been presented with rather than someone who will one day experience the love, grace, and mercy of God first hand, and unfiltered?

So when does someone actually reject God and when do the chances to accept God end?

Or do the chances end?


emergingjim said...

I'm often struck by Jesus not telling Thomas, "You have believed because you have seen. Now you all had better do a darn good job of evangelizing because no one else will have an opportunity to see and believe."

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