Monday, May 2, 2011

Does God Get What God Asks God For?

Does God Get what God Ask's God For?

Yes, thats confusing, but I think an interesting question.

The scriptures present us with a very odd request, one that we may not be able to fully get our heads around.

While Jesus is still on the cross, after he has been on trail, beaten, and mocked, he pleads...

"Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing."

So were they forgiven? And what does "forgiven" refer to here?

For the act of crucifying Jesus? and if that's the case, and they were forgiven... what else could they have done that wouldn't be forgiven?

For ALL of their sins? And was Jesus only referring to those who were immediately involved or everyone, everywhere who had anything to do with his death?

These questions raise a lot more questions. Many times when I hear people speaking of being forgiven it doesn't seem like a "once and for all" kind of deal. It's like God forgives and forgets until judgment, then everything will be brought back up.

I've heard people say that through the cross Jesus forgave everyone, but some people must still pay for their sins. So which is it?

So when Jesus asked God to forgive in this situation what did he mean? Will all those present that day and who participated in Christ's death spend eternity with God? Did God ignore Jesus? (this isn't out of the question, for God did forsake him). Were they forgiven but not in "that way"? Or does this mean they were accepted into part of the elect and had no choice in the matter? (wink)

Did God grant Jesus' request?

One thing seems to be clear, Jesus forgave his enemies.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he forgave as we often do. In word while still harboring resentment.

Jkub said...

Or, maybe we justify that type of forgiveness because it's ultimately what we have made Gods forgiveness into. Conditional, and then we say we are suppose to forgive as God forgives.