Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"You Do Not Know God"

A few thoughts on Love...

It's the point. Jesus said It's how people will know we are followers of Christ. When Jesus is asked about which of the 600 plus laws was the most important, Jesus responded with... "Love God and love others."

That's it! That sums up the law. It's also important to point out that Jesus says that loving others is just as important as loving God. They are connected in away that you can not do one without the other.

Paul understood this... He claimed that the sum of the law was simply "loving others". He didn't mention anything about loving God, not because he didn't understand that to be important, but because he knew you can't love God without loving others and you can't love others without loving God.

John puts it like this... "if you love others, you love God, if you do not love others, you do not love God." pretty basic and to the point.

I think it's dangerous when some will make claims such as, "____________ doesn't know God" or "____________ is of the devil". This is called slander, gossip, and probably has more to do with pride than it does love.

And most of the name calling lately is applied to those who apparently think God loves too much as well as loves people that He shouldn't. I think limiting God's love, grace, and mercy is a bigger issue here.

Paul says that God is reconciling the world unto himself in Christ, and in doing so, is not counting people's sins against them (I guess he leaves that up to us). And he has given us a message of reconciliation. (Not condemnation)

And yet,the way we are taught to share the "good news" always begins with the latter.

Paul says it like this... You are reconciled, now be reconciled.

I am not saying one has to agree with certain people and certain beliefs otherwise they are unloving, but where does all the anger and name calling come from?

Who are we to say whether or not some one else knows God or not? That sounds like a job for, Well... God, not us. We are called to love and to proclaim a Message of reconciliation, and whether or not we want to believe and have faith in that message (of reconciliation) raises some other issues.

Grace and Peace,

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