Friday, April 22, 2011

Would We Still Follow Jesus On Saturday?

It's "Good Friday". It's interesting that we call this day "good" considering what we are remembering and reflecting upon. It probably has a lot to do with the fact we are living some 2,000 years separated from the event.

We can not even begin to imagine this day (Friday) without also keeping in our minds what is just around the corner.

Resurrection Sunday.

Most of us hardly even reflect upon Or think about the Saturday in-between, because we can't help but know and anticipate what Sunday brings.

But what if we could experience today and tomorrow without the hope of the resurrection? What would that look like in the faith community? Would there even be a faith community? What would happen to our belief?

What would Jesus mean to us Today and tomorrow if we really knew nothing about the event on Sunday?

Would we still be a follower of Christ?

Does the way we answer this question speak to why we actually follow Jesus?

Do we follow Jesus because we believe his Way was/is the best possible way to live?


Do we ultimately follow Jesus because by doing so we believe we have heaven to gain?

What if Jesus offered us nothing after this life is over?

Would we still follow Jesus on "Saturday"?

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Matt said...

I am sure that if we could experience today without the hope of tomorrow that we would really be able to resonant with the followers of Christ in that day. We would be able to experience the doubts that they went through, the depression, and feeling of being wrong.

But I would also like to point you to Luke 22:46, Jesus knew that his disciples would experience the temptation to disbelieve that even the cross of Christ took place and especially the resurrection. It is what we still experience today when people deny the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.

Today represents a day where we feel lonely, our skeptics appear right, everything we put our hope in appears to be maybe wrong... we have doubt as the disciples had doubts.

But the difficulty of this scenario is that we, as the disciples, know that Sunday exists and is coming. Everything changes tomorrow, whether I have doubt of it or not, it all changes.

Christ told his followers that the grave would not hold him in that he would raise again to life. It is the most important miracle that ever took place, which has huge implications for everyone everywhere in all of human history.