Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Security,Power, Peace, and an Ass

On Palm Sunday we reflect upon Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem. It involves a donkey, some peasants, and of course, palm branches.

The Romans got a little uneasy anytime you had an event where a crowd would gather such as Passover. And seeing how Passover was Israel's celebration of their Exodus out from under the oppression of a mighty nation, this made the Romans even more on edge.

So as Jesus entered Jerusalem, there was another procession happening on the other side of The city. It involved Pilot, a Roman army, and a lot of weapons. They were there to keep the peace, so to speak, in Jerusalem.

And this is what we are presented with.

On one Side we have a rabbi, riding an ass, no weapons, weeping, followed by a bunch of poor peasants. (who were actually in a procession all on their own, for they thought Jesus was more like Pilot who was on the side of the city.)

On the other side we have the Roman Governor, riding a white horse, armed, and followed by a massive army.

One side provides peace, salvation, security through the means of love, weakness, and non-violence.

The other side provides peace, salvation, security through coercion, power, and a sword.

One man conquers by way of execution

The other conquers by being executed

Which procession do we choose?

Where would we rather be?


melissa said...

" one man conquers by execution and one man conquers by being executed"

there is messy beauty in that and i love it.

Bill Sahlman said...

love this,.... one is motivated by the love of power. the other by the power of love... which procession are we joining in?