Thursday, March 31, 2011

When Jesus Messes Everything Up

It's tough when our systems/comfort/security/our lively hood go running off a cliff isn't it?

But yet, that's exactly what seems to happen when we encounter Jesus, our worlds get flipped upside down, our empire is confronted with a different Kingdom.

He always seems to mess up the systems we have constructed... which some of us have even devoted our lives to...

The Rich end up selling everything to give to the poor, demons bow down, the last is first, Pharisees are "born again", zealots turn the other cheek, the lame walk, the blind see, Roman soldiers pledge allegiance to the "Son of God", the dead are made alive, adulterers are not condemned, tax collectors give back, experts in the Law preach grace, and sinners eat at the same table as Jesus...

And this process of deconstruction is scary, intimidating, its risky. It's not safe or comfortable and it doesn't always sit well with onlookers who's systems are also put into question. It's not always popular and it occasionally offends.

It cost something.

And We don't like watching our "world" go running off into the ocean, only to drown.

However, this encounter brings us face to face with who we really are, it restores, it transforms, it gives life, it saves, and at some point things start to come together.

In the end we are called to leave the cemetery, to cease dwelling among the tombs, in order to embrace the abundant life we have each been given.

Mark 5

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