Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Following Jesus Selfishly

I came across this quote the other day, "If Jesus' resurrection did not occur then we should just live it up, because this life is all there is."

This one is right up there with, "if there is no hell, then what's the point of following Jesus?"

Why do you follow Jesus?

I have found that many Christians have a hard time answering this question. It's as if they have not given it much thought.

Is it that when one actually hears oneself answer by saying something like, "I don't want to burn in hell" or " i want to go to heaven" it is then one realizes how such a claim sounds?

The other day i had a nice discussion with a young lady who said, "if heaven is the reward for those who follow Christ, then isn't it impossible to live a truly selfless life, and isn't selflessness central to the teachings of Jesus?"

So why does one follow Jesus? What does it even mean to follow Jesus?

I just wanted to bring up the idea and the question, "Do we follow Jesus for selfish reasons?" and I hope to explore this, among other related ideas, over the next few days and see where it takes us.

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charlie duncan said...

Your blog brings up many points,but I'll just answer the question that was asked.I follow Jesus because because of the superiority of the christian life vs humanist/American dream I once followed.It really is THE abundant life.Most of my personal relationships have flourished since my conversion.