Thursday, February 24, 2011

Distorted View of God

I Had a conversation yesterday with a friend who has, what I think to be, a very distorted, yet not uncommon view and understanding of God.

You've heard that Jesus is a mediator between God and man... And I am not writing to deny that, however, I am denying the way this is commonly presented and understood, or at least has been in some circles in which I grew up.

And that is this idea that Jesus is literally pleading for us every day before God, as if God is so angry with us he would and is ready to get rid of us, if it wasn't for Jesus persuading him not to.

What this does is ultimately paints the idea of God as an angry, vengeful, and violent god, and not the God we see when we look at Jesus. I still struggle to get rid of this understanding of God because it has been so deeply engrained into my head.

And it's in my friends head as well, who seriously, and even sub-consciencely, believes that God doesn't like him and probably only puts up with him because Jesus is begging him to. He, as well as many people, (though they may not admit it) believes some sort of version of this idea of Jesus as a mediator, begging God to give us one more chance.

They have a retributive understanding of God (which ill touch on in a later post).

This idea, which some of you may affirm, does much to one's psyche, and it effects ones everyday living as well as how one relates to other people.

For many times if we worship a god who is judgmental, violent, vengeful, then we become, not only fearful and guilt ridden,but judgmental, violent, and vengeful in trying to defend, as well as please, this god.

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