Saturday, February 19, 2011

Confession: I Had a Valentines Date and It Wasn't My Wife

That morning I had asked her out for a date, and she excitingly accepted.

The whole day was filled with anticipation, and as I walked in the door, flowers in hand, i hear her yell, "Daddy, no, I am not ready yet."

A few minutes later, she came strutting out of her bed room, very proud of the outfit she had coordinated which consisted of a pink tutu over leggings and a button up sweater.

I must admit, it brought tears to my eyes to see how excited she was over the flowers and the plush Minnie mouse (her favorite) I had brought home for her.

Our plan consisted of fine dining at Chic-Fil-A and then dessert, particularly a pink donut from Starbucks.

We had a great dinner where we discussed our day and enjoyed our chicken nuggets. There were moments she held my hand from across the table, and there were many "I love you's" exchanged.

she was very excited and very well behaved. she even put her napkin in her lap when she wasn't using it. (she also had napkins for Minnie, Valentines Minnie, and Mickey who were accompanying us).

Then it was time for dessert, time for those pink donuts.

However, Chic-Fil-A had a 2 for 1 deal on their PINK ice cream cones, so given the choice she chose to spend the rest of the evening at the fast food restaurant, where she enjoyed a huge cone of ice cream and about a half hour in the play area.

After getting a balloon it was time to head home, a 4 year old has a curfew you know.

Our daddy date was awesome and Eisley was wonderful.

I look forward to many more dates with my little girl.

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