Monday, February 7, 2011

Belief in The Bible

I touched a little on the difference between cognitive affirmation in opposition to believing as participatory action in my last post. I want to take that same idea and relate it to the bible.

We mostly talk about that bible as something to believe. Now saying that one believes the bible can mean many different things depending on who you are talking to. By claiming to believe the bible, some mean that they affirm everything it claims, its literal, its scientific, and it's accurately depicting historical events all the way back to the beginning of the earth...

While some... well... Do not hold to that kind of belief in the bible.

(People have began to jokingly ask me, "what don't you believe about the Bible today?")

Is the bible meant to be merely "believed"? And can one affirm the Bible without participating in its teachings?

Does the bible hold any kind of "power" or holiness in and of itself (like I think many would affirm to, as if it was dropped down from heaven by God) ? Or, for the bible to be anything at all, does it require that a people actually live out the teachings it contains? If not, then is it merely static ink on a bunch (of really thin) pages.

I want to discuss these ideas more in-depth. But first, the question should be asked...

How do you understand the Bible? What is it, And what do you think it means to believe it?

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