Saturday, January 22, 2011

What My Kids Have Been Listening To Lately...

Both of my children, Eisley (3) and Durgin (17months), have a new favorite band which they immediately ask to hear as soon as they get into the car.

They also ask every day to watch this band on my iphone or iPad.

They literally go crazy when they hear the intro to the song.

And they both stare out their windows while nodding their heads to the beat of their new favorite tune.

So who is it?

Is it the Wiggles? No, thank goodness

Is it the imagination movers? Wrong again.

Is it Nickelback? Over my dead body... Those guys are terrible.

Nope, apparently my kids have much better taste than that.

Their favorite band right now... And who they would be playing on the iPods if they had them, is...

Death Cab For Cutie!

As you know I am big fan so i am very pleased to hear my daughter say, "Daddy, how about let's hear some Death Cab..." and the moment the first chord is played Durgin goes crazy and starts clapping. I can't wait to take them to their first show!

(it's also adorable to hear her say their whole name)

Here is the link to a video (not the video) of the song they love so much.



MMJenF said...

That's awesome! They are a great band, no doubt, but my niece only wants to listen to the Imagination Movers. I walk around singing their songs all day, lol. I joined their street team ( and I'm earning tickets to their shows, and other great Mover gear for her. Their tour kicks off in Lafayette on Feb 4th, but I will be taking her to their SoCal shows!! Your kiddos have great taste in music!

Jkub said...

Haha thanks. We dont have cable or anything like that, so Eisley doesn't get much exposure to the imagination movers unless she is at a friends house or her "mimi's" house. But that sounds awesome about the shows and the gear. I'm sure your neice will enjoy all of it.