Monday, January 17, 2011

SIN: A Problem, But NOT Who We Are

"We are wretched sinners."

Above is an example of the types of phrases that, growing up in Christianity, I have heard my whole life... Over and over and over again. We talk about sin now days as a way of defining ourselves rather than a problem we all deal with. It's become who we think we are, nothing but dirty, rotten, wretched sinners.

Now let me go ahead and put it out there that yes, I do believe we are sinners, all of us. But i do not buy into the idea/doctrine that this is first and foremost who we are, or even how we should view ourselves and/or others.

Do you not think we give sin a little too much credit? Yes, it's a problem and it's there, but if I am reading the same bible that you are it seems it is and will be ultimately taken care of.

I would say that a majority of the sermons being preached are geared towards how bad we are... And this approach, in my opinion, is just another way of getting some converts down to the altars ever Sunday morning. The more sobbing, guilt ridden sinners at the altars, the better the pastor did. This is also why hell is always mentioned in the "invitation"... Fear is a great motivator... (Holy Spirit who?)

You have to let people know just how horrible they are before they are willing to take the big leap of asking Jesus into their blood pumping organ known as a heart.

The bible begins with a couple of cool little poems dealing with creation and at the center of these poems is the creation of human beings. God looks at them and says... Wait for it... They are "very good." Yeah, yeah... It's before the whole apple tree event, but over and over in the scriptures we are referred to as Holy, and Not holy as in a future tense, but Holy here and now through Jesus. Also, the Bible is mostly about a Creator trying awfully hard to be with his creation.

It would hurt my feelings just a little bit if I created something and my daughter continuously let me know how bad it sucks. We need to remember that we are talking about Gods creation, a creation that he seems to be pretty proud of. Let's not burst God's bubble.

Sin is a problem, it something we have to deal with and work on, but it's not who we are... It shouldn't define us. I think we need to choose to live in the life that God has promised us through his son... And trust That sin has been taken care of and should no longer rule over us, and we can't live undefeated by sin if we continue to believe that we are nothing but wretched ole sinners.

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