Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sabbath Sunday Family Time (More Pics)

What A good Sabbath sometimes looks like...

Like Father Like Son... Durgin Loves Technology

Eisley coloring on Durgins book... and Durgin giving here the "Are you serious?" look.

If Durgin were to ever become a model... The "Right Side Head Tilt" would be his "blue steel" (thats a zoolander reference)

No seriously, it would be. Its all the little guy knows

Eisley enjoying a rare treat... it takes her about 30 minutes... she savors ever lick.

Books and tutu's. Why not?

Of course, Love

Some more of this little guy... and an electronic device of course.

Smiles and laughter shared between mother and daughter

Baking with mommy...

Really Exciting Baking Apparently

Durgin doing cool tricks... on accident

And of course... Fun with the whole family!

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