Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Rapture and Raptors: Are Either In the Bible?

One doctrine that I think has the potential to do way more harm than good is that of the rapture. I had a friend in high school who was very disappointed when he found out our bible teacher was talking about being ready for the rapture and not a raptor. And I now think a raptor would be much cooler as well.

I think this can be one of the most destructive "doctrines" out there in which many people believe today within the church. I also know many of you are quite fond of it, so I would like to hear from you and what you think. (about the rapture, not what you think of me.)

This idea of jesus' second coming, or half way coming... For He doesn't actually step foot on the earth, but rather the true believers go to meet him flying through the air. Pretty cool idea... unless you are not one of those believers, then it's really going to suck...well, in three and a half years it's going to suck. You know, after Obama reveals himself to be the Anti-Christ.

The idea of the rapture... Along with the total destruction of the earth... I think has brought about a type of laziness and waiting around for something that's not going to happen. All that becomes important is saying that "sinners prayer" and waiting on the "half way" return of jesus to come get you out of this terrible place we call earth, (and God called the earth good by the way so i don't know whay he would want to destroy it).

And of course, the worse conditions get here on earth, the closer we are to his return/the Rapture... so why do anything to make things better? That would be crazy. Instead when we hear how bad things are getting we say, "amen, his return must be soon." seriously, I've heard pastors say such things. We end up welcoming destruction and tragedy (as long as its happening somewhere else in the world) rather than being heartbroken over it.

Not to mention the rapture is yet another fear tactic. You had better be ready (whatever that means) or you'll be left behind with Kirk Cameron to deal with those pesky locust wearing body armor (john was probably envisioning helicopters, haha). I remember many times as a kid (and more recently than that) thinking I'd been left behind because i couldn't find my friends or family. Not a good feeling. I know people who, as children, would get up every night to go make sure their parents were still in their beds instead of merely their mom and Dad's night clothes laying beneath the sheets.

I just cant imagine that all this fear and waiting around is what Jesus had in mind.

I just wanted to touch on the topic without getting too deep into it at first. I want hear some of your thoughts toward the doctrine of the Rapture? Then I hope to explore deeper where the doctrine comes from and how I, along with others, think we have misunderstood some things.


Anonymous said...

This is a subject that has been discussed form quite some time. Philosophers and theologians argue if they are dispensationalist or pre dispensationalist or pre mill. To look at this doctrine must be looked through the eyes of the Word of God. So therefore am I saying that I hold to any of the beliefs I mentioned earlier or am I saying that I even believe the rapture is in the bible. No but I am saying lets look into the world of God from the beginning to end as we begin to dialogue together. This is a doctrine that to dialogue with I feel like it requires me to study and provide a adequate thesis statement so that I may hold and stand firm in the thesis I choose to defend.

JustinGaynor said...

I could go on all day, but you asked for brevity. The rapture, as popularly understood, is gnostic in every sense and therefore (as defined in the Holy Scriptures) anti-Christ, a doctrine of devils. The scripture in question is about the Parousia. The coming of Christ and the New Jerusalem to Earth from Heaven. That Heaven and Earth might be fully One again, New Creation under the absolute sovereign loving care of the Father, who is all and in all.

Be blessed!