Monday, January 24, 2011

Discussion on The Rapture (as Well as other "Misunderstood" Doctrines)

I am thinking about writing a little about how some of our beliefs about the Bible seem to actually keep us from living out the way of Christ. There are many little doctrines here and there that I believe do this... Such as the popular understanding of heaven, hell, salvation, and certain understandings of the death and resurrection of Jesus are just to name a few that come to mind.

However, i want to begin tomorrow by just bringing up what I believe to be a very anti-productive/destructive doctrine, that we call the Rapture. Maybe that was a harsh way of putting it and maybe revealed a little too much about what I think about the rapture right off the bat.

So i hope to get some good feedback affirming, as well as opposing this doctrine.

So feel free to go ahead and post some thoughts and questions you have concerning the Rapture so we can get this conversation going.

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