Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cutest Kids Ever (Pics)

my wife left for Nashville TN this past Wednesday to attend "Blissdom" which meant that it would just be me and my two children fending for ourselves. I was really looked forward to this time with my children... Something i had been looking forward to for quite some time.

(Mel left Eisley and Durgin love notes for me to read to them every night while she was away.)

Wednesday night (the first night) Durgin became sick around 10:30pm and stayed sick until about 3:30am. I felt so sorry for my little buddy. So a couple of PJ changes and after going through all of his bed sheets he finally ended up in the "pack and play" which i set up beside my bed where he went in and out of sleep for the rest of the night. Of course this meant no sleep for me.

Yep, those are Eisleys dress up/princess shoes he is wearing. He loves shoes


Around 4:00AM it was my turn. I pretty much stayed sick the rest of the day. While i was busy being sick, both of my children would stand right out side the door and laugh the whole time.

My Mom ended up coming and getting the kids (which i know they enjoyed) and then they went and spent the night with my mother in-law, (again, no complaints from the kids). I was so discouraged over missing most of the time that I had planned with my kids, but i am VERY thankful for my family who stepped in and helped me out in my time of need. Oh, and my sister made me some potato soup which apparently taste like Chicken and Dumplings with Potatos. Thanks!

I did have Wednesday afternoon with Eisley and Durgin, and while Eisley was at a sleepover with her cousins last night (Sleepovers? she is getting too big) Durgin and I had some time together and we are hitting the town this morning so who knows what we will get into.

Cutest Kids Ever!

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aPearantly sew said...

They are pretty freakin' adorable, but I think we all know that I have the cutest kids ever :)