Monday, January 3, 2011

Cohort Tonight. A Safe Place

Tonight, the Statesville Emergent Cohort will be meeting for the first time. I have been anticipating this for quite sometime now. Why? Because I need it...

and I am discovering more and more that there are others who need it, or at least something similar, as well. People need a place to simply be able to talk, question, and have conversations.

So what is the cohort?

For me it's a safe place. It's a safe place where I can be open and honest with my thoughts, questions, beliefs, and struggles.

If you are like me, then you have plenty of questions, thoughts, and ideas, and if you are like me, then you have also been afraid to admit them, or you have admitted them and been attacked or hurt in some way. You feel like there is no one who you can share your thoughts with for whatever reasons.

As we embark on this little adventure, that is my immediate hope, that these meetings will provide a safe pace where people can be who they are and discuss and question... Well, everything. Then the incarnation of the "conversations" will hopefully come, but first there has to be a safe place.

So let's be honest. We all have questions... about our faith, our lack of faith, our existence, God, the Bible, etc; and in many settings it seems that it is not ok and even discouraged to ask these questions.

And it's not necessarily about having questions answered, thats not the point. Yes, if questions are answered that's great too, but it's more about being free to have questions and not being afraid to ask them, and then being able to discuss and work through these questions and tough issues in the midst of community.

There is something about asking questions in a community of people, listening and sharing in everyones different stories isn't there?

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