Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An Honest Post: I Am Struggling...

I just found out this past week that a guy I have worked with for the last 8 years has been diagnosed with bone cancer and was flown to Arkansas over the weekend where he may end up staying for at least 3 months while his kids are here. As far as I know he will not spend Christmas with his family.

I must admit I am struggling with this a little.

If you have ever read a post of mine that began by saying something like, “I was having a discussion with a guy at work the other day…” well, this is the man that has been diagnosed with cancer. He is a friend.

His name is Robert Bare. He is young, he loves his family, and he works hard to take care of them. And as you may know we have had some great discussions about our faith and he is very passionate about his.

Now you probably already assume that I am angry with God for allowing this to happen or something along those lines and that’s the struggle I am having… but actually that’s the problem, I am not. And that’s what scares me.

I don’t feel anything towards God over this situation. I am not angry as I would like to be (or maybe I am and just don’t know it), I am not positive towards God (as in, It is in His control), but I am also not negative towards God either.

So if you pray, then how about saying one for this family.

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Matt said...

Man...this is rough, I will definitely say a pray for him and his family. A couple of quick quotes from the book "The Reason for God" by Tim Keller that I just read on my lunch break today that I would like to share:

"Just because you can't see or imagine a good reason why God might allow something to happen doesn't mean there can't be one."

"If you have a God great and transcendent enough to be mad at because he hasn't stopped evil and suffering in the world, then you have (at the same moment) a God great and transcendent enough to have good reasons for allowing it to continue that you can't know."

"...though Christianity does not provide the reason for each experience of pain, it provides deep resources for actually facing suffering with hope and courage rather than bitterness and despair."

Also, not sure if you are aware of Matt Chandler, but he was diagnosed with brain cancer last year around this time and has written and preached a lot on suffering well if you look him up.