Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Best Christmas...

As I have already written a little about… we have really enjoyed this Christmas season, Especially observing the season of advent with our daughter Eisley.

I asked her Sunday at dinner what we were going to get to talk about later that night… and to my surprise she answered, “We get to talk about God coming back.” How awesome is that?

It’s really been great discussing with her, though she is only three, about waiting to celebrate the first arrival of the Savior and then anticipating his return.

She seems to really like the scriptures from Isaiah that speak of wolves playing with sheep and lions eating hay… and of course children playing with poisonous snakes and not getting hurt. She has made special request to read those again.

We get to talk to her about the good news of the hope we have that one day everything will be made right and all “the bad things” will be done way with.

Its truly been one of the best Christmas seasons I’ve experienced.

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