Friday, December 17, 2010

Anywhere There is LOVE, There is GOD!

I had a discussion with a friend recently about John’s claim that “God is Love” and that anyone who claims to love God and yet hates his brother is a liar and does not know God.

Pretty heavy stuff.

If God is love then does that mean that anyone who loves knows God? Can love exist without God?

Maybe Love is what is missing from those who are prophesying and healing in Jesus’ name in Matthew 7 and maybe Love is all that present in the people who are declared righteous for caring for “the least of these.”

We seem so caught up in focusing on belief in the right things (orthodoxy) that we forget about love. Jesus doesn’t even talk that much about belief, especially what we mean by the word. Instead Jesus’ main message centers on love and the Kingdom. He even suggests that how we love our neighbor has something to do with how we love God. (Sobering thought)

Paul says that we can speak eloquently and with great insight and that we can even become martyrs for the faith, but unless we have love then it is all meaningless. He goes on to say something like this… “Of these three, faith, hope, and love the greatest of these is Love.”

Is Paul saying that Love is more important than faith?

Could it be that those in Matthew 25 were considered righteous because ultimately they knew God… and not because of their awesome theology, but rather because they simply Loved others.

So do we really believe what John writes, that in order to know God we must love others, otherwise we do not really know God? And do we, like Paul, believe that Love is more important than Faith?

And is it a possibility that ANYWHERE there is love, there is GOD?

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