Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Advent With the Coopster

My daugters name is Eisley Cooper, sometimes we call her Cooper.

Over the past three Sundays we have been observing Advent with our three year old, Eisley. Her favorite part, lighting and blowing out the candles, but its been time well spent as a family.

Eisley usually brings out her “little people” nativity scene and we discuss the birth of Jesus. She plays with Mary, Joseph, Jesus, and of course the “aminals”, as she calls them, by coming up with a different voice for each one. She also has a children’s Bible with some of the stories such as the birth of Jesus and John the Baptizer “preparing the way” for the Christ. She knows John by the fact that he ate grasshoppers and wore “what a camel wears”. She pretty much has all the stories memorized so when we read through some of the text she is already somewhat familiar with what we are discussing.

We always begin by discussing with her what advent is about. When she is asked about what we are doing she says something like, “we are waiting for Jesus to be born and come again (we took baby Jesus out of our decorative nativity scene in our house in order to provide a little visual. He will be there on Christmas morning). We talk about how just as we are waiting to celebrate Jesus’ birth we are also waiting and hoping for the day he returns and “makes all things better” as Isaiah talks about.

This time of year has proved to be a great time for our family as we wait, anticipate, and hope for the coming of our Lord together.

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melissa said...

oh i love this post! what sweet traditions we are forming and memories we are making. i'm encouraged each day by her excitement in anticipation of the arrival of jesus!!!