Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We Are Not Blessed To Be Comfortable

This week, we began the story of Abram in Genesis chapter 12. Its taking us awhile but we are slowly making our way through Genesis and I love it.

This week’s reading was very appropriate as we are approaching the time of year where we reflect on the reasons for which we are thankful.

Chapter 12 begins with the LORD speaking to Abram telling him to leave his country, his family, and his father’s home in order to go to a land that God will show him.

There are several things to point out about this first sentence. First of all, this concept of a divine being interacting with a human being was unheard of and foreign to the culture at the time. This first sentence would have immediately caught the reader’s/hearer’s attention as being revolutionary... which is probably why the author begins the story this way.

God tells Abram,

“…I will bless you… you will be a blessing… and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

We have been blessed haven’t we?

The group began to discuss the simple fact that we have all been blessed in so many ways, and this eventually led us into a conversation about ways we could bless others.

We have been called, as Christ followers, to give sacrificially. That doesn’t mean only give what we have left over (which I am guilty of) but instead "live without so that others may simply live.

This is a hard concept for us Americans who have worked hard and have earned everything we have. (Deuteronomy 8:17) – “Proof Texting

Going back to Genesis 12, I love the way the author arranges the texts. Before Abram blesses others, what did he do? He left behind everything he had ever known. He left behind his comfortable life and set out into unknown territory.

One of the brilliant young ladies who attend our Sunday gatherings made this statement… “Jesus never called us to be comfortable.” And she was right, in fact, Jesus acts as if the Kingdom isn’t meant for those who seek to merely live a comfortable life, after all, “the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.”

I hope we realize that we are blessed and that we have not been blessed because God loves us more than others, but rather we are blessed for the sole purpose of blessing the other.

Happy Thanksgiving.

(The Kingdom of God is within you)

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