Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Sabbath Was Meant To Serve Us

As I have shared before… My wife and I try to observe a Sabbath every week. Sometimes it’s Sunday and sometimes is Saturday.

I have often heard/been taught growing up (I attended a very strict Christian school) that it was wrong to work on Sunday. I remember seeing people mowing their yards on a Sunday afternoon and thinking, “shame on them.” I think I was missing the point of “keeping the Sabbath Holy.”

I had kind of forgotten about this way of thinking about the Sabbath and I had forgotten that people really do think you are sinning if you do certain (we pick and choose what is wrong) work on Sundays. This past week I was reminded when a conversation that started out about which has better breakfast, Chic-fil-a or Bojangles, moved into a “you shouldn’t work on Sunday” conversation. The guy had told me he prefers to eat at Chic-Fil-A because they are closed on Sundays and that’s how it should be. I then asked him where he liked to eat on Sundays and he named several restaurants even though he was so passionate about restaurants not being open on Sundays.

I think it’s a good thing that some restaurants close on Sundays so their employees can go to worship if they choose to do so, but I think when we hold everyone else to a certain law about the Sabbath such as which day it should be, or what constitutes as work etc… we miss the point. (Not to mention if you go to church on Sundays, morning and evening, you know that Sunday is one of the most exhausting days of the week, especially if you have children.)

Jesus addresses this when he tells the religious leaders, who were acting as the “Sabbath Police”, that “The Sabbath was meant to serve people, not for people to serve the Sabbath.” Jesus is addressing the issue of making the Sabbath just another law that we hold people to. The religious establishment had taken something good and something that was meant to refresh and refocus, and they turned it into rules that weighed people down.

So the “good news” of the Sabbath is that it is there for YOU and I encourage anyone to take advantage of a Sabbath every week to relax, refocus, and reflect.

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Matt said...

I would say for that guy that you should suggest he never go out to eat on a Sunday if he truly feels that way.