Thursday, October 21, 2010

Theology Thursday: Why Pray?

What is the point of prayer? Does it actually accomplish or change anything?

Most would claim that it does and can... but doesnt it also seem like God either doesn't answer, isn't there, or does whatever He wants whether we are praying or not?

I think if we are all honest with ourselves there are times we have all felt this way and asked these kinds of questions as presented in the video above... I remember when a friend of mine was in a car accident and fighting for his life... My wife and I were praying, friends and family were praying, and there were websites with people from all over the country dedicated to praying for God to save his life. A few days after the accident he died. So what do you do with that?

Sometimes when people ask me to pray for them or for someone they know who is sick... I of course say ok, and then immedialtey think, "Why?" If the person gets better we will give credit to God and say confidently that God healed them, and if they don't we will claim it was God's will.

I know this all sounds negative, but I think these are important and healthy questions.

I do, however, pray. Not so much with the expectaion of changing things, but rather because I think it must be good for me. Maybe, it gives me hope or connects me more intamately to God, But whatever it is there is just something mystical and powerful about prayer. Jesus saw fit to pray so there must be something to it.

So the question is this... Do you think prayer changes things and/or situations? or is prayer more for us? What are your beliefs about prayer? Why do you pray?

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