Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No Child Left Behind?

I recently had to write a piece dealing with “infant salvation.” The paper was for a theology class and once it was written it was posted for others to read and comment.

This post is not concerned with what I actually wrote on the topic but rather it deals with what most of the other papers were defending.

Many papers were written that reflected the view that all babies “go to heaven” if they die unless they have reached the “age of accountability.” This was the view that I was taught in school and in church growing up and of course, like everything else, did not ever think about questioning it.

Only 1 or 2 papers reflected a different view of predestination which said that some “chosen” babies would make heaven but other babies who were not so lucky… (I mean chosen) and they would indeed go to hell for eternity… my question to those people was… “HOW ARE YOU OK WITH THAT?"

But my question is for those people who accept the doctrine of Original Sin and also the “Age of Accountability”…

Where did you get that?

The doctrine of “original sin” essentially means that all human beings are BORN with a sin nature (they inherited from Adam) that separates them from God and subsequently condemns them to hell. Wouldn’t that understanding include infants? And if it doesn’t then when does the “sin nature” kick in? Does the Bible support, well any of this?

When I challenged those who had written on the “age of accountability” view to justify the two doctrines no one could give a real answer. It seems as though the “age of accountability” developed because it’s very hard to believe that God would send an “innocent” baby to hell so there needed to be a way out even though “Original sin” would imply that they are "infected" with sin.

what do you think?

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