Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's A New Week: The Gospel of Resurrection

I am not one to usually complain or gripe about the week I have had… I don’t know if this is part of who I am or if I usually have good weeks. Probably the latter. Either way, I had somewhat of a rough/stressful week last week. But it’s Sunday! So what does this mean?

Well, that it’s a new week! The old one has passed away and the beginning of a new one is here! Very comforting idea!

The same idea is presented within the gospel of John. Chapter 20 begins with the sentence… “Early on the first day of the week…” Why is this significant?

Resurrection! The Old has passed away and the beginning of something New has been inaugurated. A New Creation or re-creation if you will.

A central theme throughout the gospel of John is that of creation and re-creation. Over and over, John reminds his readers of the original creation poem found in Genesis 1. John 1:1 says, “IN THE BEGINNING…” Sound familiar? (I will probably write more on New Creation and John's gospel later, because it is brilliant)

John wants his readers to understand that the resurrection of Jesus is bringing with it something new, and that we are all invited to participate in it!

So on this Sunday as well as every Sunday, (the church use to celebrate resurrection every week instead of once a year. It was kind of central to their faith) let’s focus on a New Creation… the old passing away and the New being brought in… From death to life… From darkness to light (also implied in 20:1)… For that is truly Good News!

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