Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"I am not an Idolater"

I have been posting about the Bible and Love and how they need not ever be separated. I’ve also been reading the book by John D. Caputo called, “What Would Jesus Deconstruct: The Good News For Post-Modernism For The Church” when I came across these quotes the other day. They go hand-in-hand with what I have been talking about.

“An interpretation like this raises the question of the status of the Scriptures for me. My answer is that I am not an idolater. In deconstruction, the scriptures are an archive, not the arche (which means they are not God). I take the second commandment very seriously and I do not put false gods – like books (biblical inerrantism) or the Vatican (papal infallibility) – before God, who is the wholly other. I treat Biblical literalism like papal infallibility, as idolatry.” pg 110

“What is revealed in the Scriptures is not a literal picture to hold up against the present like a mechanical template but a living Spirit whose inner force is to be brought to bear in a loving and living dialogue with the circumstances of the present.” Pg 111

“The Scriptures, in turn, do not relieve us of the responsibility of thinking for ourselves or of rethinking ancient traditions, for the ultimate tradition that is handed down to us is not any particular creed, practice, or institutional structure, but the event of love that was astir in Jesus and then is handed on to the church.” Pg 112

“The task is not to reproduce literally what Jesus said and did – I have never even seen and olive garden or a fig tree – but to repeat the love with which he said and did them, on the bet that those are the practices in which he would recognize himself today.” Pg112

Caputo, John D. “What Would Jesus Deconstruct The Good News Of Post-Modernism For the Church”

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